Feb 11, 2011

Foxtail Fern Blooms

Foxtail ferns (Protasparagus densiflorus cv. 'Myersii') are fern-like members of the lily family. They are prized for their radiating light green cylindrical foliage that tapers at the end - pretty much like a fox tail. And, yes, foxtail ferns, do bloom. However, these blooms are neither impressive nor consistent. In fact, most plants do not bloom on an annual basis. Foxtail fern blooms consist of small white or light pink inconspicuous flowers. These blooms are small and short-lived. Foxtail ferns bloom only during summer months. Once the flowers fall off, they are replaced by attractive, large red berries, which are a small wildlife favorite.

Do Foxtail Ferns Bloom?
Texas A&M University AgriLife Extension Service: Asparagus Ferns
Floridata: Protasparagus densiflorus

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