Feb 25, 2011

When is the Harvest Season for Walnut Trees?

For those of you lucky enough to have one of these trees, congratulations. Commercially these are one of the most valuable trees available if you consider the value of the wood and the nuts they produce. Harvest time for walnut trees is September through October. However, as a dooryard fruit, most walnut trees will not produce a crop every year. Outside of commercial production, alternate bearing years are common. This means the trees tend to over-produce one year and produce little to nothing the next. Also, remember these are large trees that take a while to mature. Wait at least 10 years after planting before expecting any nuts.

What to look for - During the spring small inconspicuous flowers will appear on the tree. From these flowers a green husk, which contains a developing nut, will emerge. These husks will get bigger throughout the summer until harvest time. During September or October the nuts will fall from the tree, breaking the husk with their fall. The husk can irritate and discolor skin, so make sure you wear gloves when you harvest the nuts!


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